Crichton Castle and Castle Douglas

After a lovely stay with our friends in the beautiful Backies area of Northern Scotland, we drove to Edinburgh where we met up with some friends who had just arrived from the US. From there we drove to Castle Douglas, and made a stop at Crichton Castle along the way. This 14th century castle sits above the River Tyne and is a beautiful place to explore.

The castle has a rich history, and passed through the hands of several families before it fell into ruins when a resident was accused of witchcraft. It’s a beautiful place to explore, and its elevated location offers nice views of the surrounding area.

A wee thistle.

From Crichton Castle we drove to Castle Douglas, in the Dumfries and Galloway area in the lowlands of Scotland. Castle Douglas is a market town that was founded in the 18th century. The area offers many activities and sights to see, including castles, lochs, beaches, and quaint villages to explore.

Our Airbnb was the gate house of a manor house. We had access to the manor house grounds and gardens, which were immaculately kept.

While in the area we visited Annandale Distillery, which is set in a pretty location. The distillery offers tours, and also has a nice restaurant.

The Douglas Arms Hotel is a good place to stop for lunch or dinner; the food is excellent.

Scotland is filled with a vibrant and rich history, rustic, wild scenery, and welcoming people. It is an amazing place to visit. What are your favorite things about visiting Scotland? As always, I look forward to receiving comments.

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