Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy, oh my, what an amazing place! It is the hub of the Renaissance, rich with literature and architecture, and has been a top destination for tourists for centuries. I believe it was Charlotte Bartlett in A Room With a View who said, "When one comes to Florence, one must have a view." Here... Continue Reading →

A Week in Provence

This week I will continue revisiting the five week European holiday that my husband and I took in October, 2017. A week in Provence with our dear friends was another highlight of our trip. Our time there was absolutely heavenly; the weather was perfect, high 70s and sunny, the pace was slow and relaxing, and... Continue Reading →

From Bath, UK to Robion, France

It has been a nice trip down memory lane to revisit the five week European holiday my husband and I took in the fall of 2017. Many of my blog posts have been about our time there, including our first stop, Loch Ness. We wanted to get acclimated to the time difference before heading to... Continue Reading →

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