Wildlife Photography

Most professional wildlife photographers use burst mode to capture images of animals in their natural habitat, and using this method results in some amazing photos. Their work benefits and enriches our lives, when we get to see the habits and rituals of various animals. I have managed to take some photos of wildlife over the years, using the old-fashioned method of point and shoot (my camera, never a gun), along with a lot of luck, and being in the right place at the right time. Below are a few of the animal photos I have taken over the years.

One of my favorite photos is one I took of an orca. I sat on the hillside in Lime-Kiln State Park for what felt like hours, getting only images of splashes of water, when I finally managed to get this photo.

I also enjoy watching birds of prey, eagles, hawks, and owls. I took this photo in Meadowdale Park, not far from my home.

This beautiful hawk lives in eastern Washington, near VanArnam Vineyards.

This owl attracted a huge crowd in downtown Seattle one spring day a few years ago.

In the town where I live, we have an abundance of deer. I got on the bus one morning, and the driver said, “look, there’s a herd of deer!” Just twenty feet behind me were five deer, munching on some bushes in the bank parking lot.

The image below was taken in Brookings, OR where the deer roam all over the town.

At American Camp on San Juan Island, the foxes will come right up to you, and not skulk as they often do.

I saw this beautiful swan in Kensington Gardens in London.

This little critter joined us for a picnic at Paulina Lake, near Bend, OR.

This coyote in Death Valley, CA, was quite bold.

Another picnic crasher, this time at San Juan Vineyards.

This little critter was sunning itself on a rock in the Nezu Museum Gardens in Tokyo.

These bison were roaming through Grand Teton National Park.

But one of my favorite animals was this sweet guy.

Our sweet Bogey.

When taking photos of wildlife, be sure to keep a safe distance. They need their space, not human contact. I hope more conservation efforts will be put in place to help animals in need. A world without animals would be a sad place indeed.

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  1. Terri Watson says:

    Awww…sweet Bogey! Hardly wild except as as dresser 🙂

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