San Antonio, Texas

Texas has never been high on my list of vacation destinations, but then, as you may have observed from my previous blog posts, there are few places on the planet that I won’t visit. So, Texas; I had heard from friends and family that San Antonio is an interesting place to visit, filled with history, food, and art, all of which are an attraction for me. My husband was there on business and suggested that I join him there for his birthday weekend. So, one year ago this weekend, I found myself on an Alaska Airlines flight to San Antonio.

The River Walk is a good place to stay, it is close to shops, restaurants and many other points of interest.

After I arrived, we strolled along the Riverwalk to find a place for dinner. After a long stroll, we found ourselves at Biga on the Banks. It was restaurant week, and they offered a prix fixe menu. The food was quite good. When I look at a menu, I always look to see if the chef provides information about the source of the menu items. Is the beef grass fed, is the chicken free range, are there plant based options? I did not see that any of these questions were answered, but the food was good.

The missions in San Antonio are very interesting. The Alamo, is of course, the famous one, and is an intriguing place to visit.

Mission San Jose is a beautiful mission to see. This large Catholic mission was founded in 1720.

We worked up an appetite visiting the missions, so we had a delicious, birthday lunch at Oystra along the Riverwalk.

We also enjoyed a few the many speakeasies that are in the area. As you may know, speakeasies became popular during prohibition. They mostly disappeared when prohibition ended, but there are still a few around.

I enjoyed my time in San Antonio, it an an interesting place to visit, and the people are friendly and welcoming.

Have you been to San Antoinio? If so, please leave a comment with you favorite things to do there.