A Walk in My Neighborhood

It’s hard to write a travel blog right now, when travel is restricted, but I have been enjoying walks in my neighborhood these days. Take a walk with me and I will show you some of my favorite places.

I never tire of the view of Whidbey Island from the housing development across the street. It’s one of my favorite places to walk.

Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary is also a nice place for a stroll. You’ll find a variety of birds there. Watch out for the aggressive owl!

Japanese Gulch is always a good choice for a nice walk; like most of the trails in the area, it is woodsy, mossy, lush green and mostly quiet except for the occasional swishing and babbling of moving water.

And of course, the beaches and waterfront are ruggedly stunning.

I enjoy taking photos of flowers and animals on my walks. We have an abundance of deer, eagles, rabbits, ducks, and other wildlife in the area.

I hope you enjoyed this short post about my neighborhood. You may also want to check out my blog about life during COVID-19, you’ll find it here. You may also want to check out my husband’s blog about our neighborhood.

Stay safe and healthy!


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