San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

San Gimignano is a walled village in Tuscany that is famous for its medieval architecture and tower houses, which are stunningly evident in the skyline. It was three years ago this week when we visited this beautiful village and we were instantly charmed by its unique character and warmth. There are many things to do... Continue Reading →

Something a Little Different

I love taking photos of signs where the meaning has been lost in translation, and just about any other sign that I find amusing. Translating from one language to another is very difficult, so I am certainly not poking fun at any one culture or translator. Rather I just want to share a few photos... Continue Reading →

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Like many people, autumn is my favorite time of year, not only for the cooler weather and the spectacular colors, but because it represents a new beginning. And who can resist stepping on crunchy leaves?! I love this quote from one of my favorite books, Where the Crawdads Sing: "Autumn leaves don't fall, they fly.... Continue Reading →

Lake Quinault, WA

Lake Quinault located in the southern part of the Olympic National Park in northwestern Washington State makes for a peaceful and relaxing get away almost anytime of year. Located on the Olympic Peninsula, the current lodge was built in the 1920s by the same architect who built Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park. It... Continue Reading →

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