Let’s Do Lunch!

Seattleites of a certain age may remember the Frederick & Nelson store located on 5th and Pine in downtown Seattle. Frederick's had a large restaurant on one of the upper levels that periodically offered fashion shows. My mom loved going out to lunch and seeing the latest fashions, so we went there often. I have... Continue Reading →

Châteaux Français

A few weeks ago I wrote about UK castles, so today I'll continue on that theme and write about castles in France. There are well over 1,000 castles in France in various conditions, from some that are still inhabited to others that are a pile of ruins. They are all interesting to visit and have... Continue Reading →

Reflection Photos

It has been an intense week at work, and as a result I have not had any time to prepare a blog post, so I will share some photos of reflections that I have taken over the years. Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart, Australia Near Denali National Park, Alaska Odawara Castle, Hakone, Japan A... Continue Reading →

UK Castles

There are approximately 1,500 castles in the UK, many dating back to the 6th century AD and earlier. You'll find a wide variety of structures in varying conditions; from fairytale castles to others that are a pile of ruins, and everything in between. Visiting these historical locations is high on my bucket list, and I... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2020

We are all no doubt, very happy to see 2020 come to an end; goodbye, good riddance; this was not a tearful farewell. The year brought too many deaths, epic proportion job loss, business closures, and too much heartache. According to a Pew Charitable Trust survey, 9 in 10 people have experienced a change in... Continue Reading →

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