Let’s Do Lunch!

Seattleites of a certain age may remember the Frederick & Nelson store located on 5th and Pine in downtown Seattle. Frederick’s had a large restaurant on one of the upper levels that periodically offered fashion shows. My mom loved going out to lunch and seeing the latest fashions, so we went there often. I have fond memories of enjoying meals there with my mom and sisters beginning from my early childhood and continuing into my adult years. My brother even joined us on several occasions.

Fast forward many decades and, like my mother, I love going out for lunch, and there’s no place better than France to enjoy a long, leisurely, delicious mid-day meal. TheTravelersketcher and I were in France in March and had some amazing lunches. I’ll share a few of our favorites with you, but be warned, your taste buds may go crazy!

In the town of Granville, located in Normandy, you will find an incredible seafood restaurant called La Citadelle. We had lunch here after spending the morning working up an appetite while visiting Mont Saint Michel. This is a popular restaurant with locals and it was pretty much full by the time we got there. Like most restaurants in France, a three course prix fixe meal was available which is usually a good bargain.

In Saint-Suliac in Brittany, you will find Bistro de la Grève another outstanding restaurant. We had a delicious lunch here on a blustery day in March.

Everything about our meal at this restaurant, the location (Saint-Suliac has the distinction of being one of Les Plus Beaux Villages en Francep), the service and the food was perfect.

Le Bousquet in the Loire Valley is another exceptional restaurant. Located in an old wine cave, this establishment has a wood fired oven and specializes in traditional dishes. It is also popular with locals and fills up quickly, particularly on the weekends.

My husband had andouille, a type of sausage that is popular in France. The very friendly owner, who was also our server was concerned that he might not enjoy it since this type of sausage is not very popular with Americans. He need not have worried since my husband enjoyed every bite.

These are just a few of the restaurants we have visited on our travels in France, I have more to share in future posts. As a side note, the French seem to eat a lot of meat, and it can be difficult at times to find vegetarian dishes. But vegetarianism is catching on there and we saw more options on our most recent trip than in the past.

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Bon appetite!


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  1. And now my stomach is growling! I wonder if the andouille sausage in France is like the andouille sausage they have in the South, especially in Cajun cooking?


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