The Gift Bag

As is the tradition, I began giving my daughter a gift on Valentine’s Day when she was a young child. For the first gift, I found a cute gift bag with red hearts and filled it with candy, a few toys and some puzzles. I like to reuse gifts bags, so after she opened her gift, I tucked the bag away in my stash to use again someday. The next year, I used the same bag and again filled it with treasures that appealed to a little girl. I continued using the same bag year after year, and thus the tradition began.

When she was in high school, I filled it with jewelry, makeup and perfume; when she got to college I gave her cash or grocery store gift cards. Now that she is married, I continue to use the same gift bag but fill it with candles or cookies, something for both of them to enjoy.

A few years ago, I gave them some cookies. I wanted to decorate them with creative swirls, so I made some red food coloring from beets, and attempted to use a toothpick to make the swirls.

They certainly didn’t turn out like I envisioned! They looked more like something from a horror film. Still, they were yummy.

Since she and her husband enjoy gardening, they are getting seed packets this year.

The gift bag has morphed into a fun tradition for us, one which I hope to continue as long as possible, or until the bag falls apart, which will be a sad day for us both.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions? If so, please leave a comment, I would love to hear about them.

Wishing you a safe and happy Valentine’s Day,


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