Photos in Blue

Jess at I’ve Been Travelling Blog, recently posted several blogs focusing on a particular color. I enjoyed her posts and was motivated to do the same. Today I am focusing on blue, my favorite color. It’s amazing that mother nature has provided us with a hugely diverse palette of this cool color. Cool colors are thought to have a calming and tranquil influence, so I hope you feel relaxed after reading this post. 🙂

Bellingham Bay
The view from my niece’s wedding venue in San Diego.
Olympic Sculpture Park
Blue hydrangea
Changing of the guards, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul
Incheon Airport, South Korea
Picnic Point Park, Edmonds, WA
Blois Chateau, Loire Valley, France
Oregon Coast
Wild pony statue, Prosser, WA
At Narita Airport in Japan this “gallery” serves as a restroom. Japanese toilets are pretty amazing!
The Seattle Great Wheel
Blue door in Batheaston, UK

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