Getting Settled in France

We arrived in France on Monday, March 14th, and have settled into our rustic, little cottage near Torchamp in Normandie. Torchamp is pretty much a wide spot in the road. We wanted to escape the hectic pace of the city to find some peace and quiet, and we have done just that. Here are a few photos of the area around us.

Not far from us is an old mill called le Pont des Planches, and is in a beautiful setting.

Another interesting site not far from us is an old structure that has slid into the neighboring ditch. It looks like the foliage will soon consume it completely. We call it “sliding house” and use it as a land mark. 🙂

We have driven through dozens of pretty villages since we arrived. Ambrières les Vallées is one such place. It has an impressive manor house, and a river meandering through the center of the town.

We have made multiple trips into Domfront and have enjoyed the view of the valley from the medieval section of town.

From the farmer’s market in Ceaucé

And of course, theTravelsketcher has been busy sketching.

Spring is in full bloom here; and we are enjoying the colors.

Neville has settled in after his traumatic adventure.

We have enjoyed meeting some of our neighbors, and are looking forward to getting to know them better. The area around us is becoming familiar, and we are feeling more comfortable doing the shopping, running errands and speaking French wherever we go.

There is so much to see just in our little corner of France; we’re looking forward to seeing even more of it in the coming weeks.

As always, I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment.

Wishing you grand adventures,


27 thoughts on “Getting Settled in France

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  1. Well, Tricia, what a slice of paradise you seem to have found. The surrounding countryside and villages look so charming. Love the Sliding House and that incredible beast of a manor building in Ambrières-les-Vallées. So relieved Neville is acclimatising too.

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  2. Just scrolling through these photos was a totally relaxing exercise. So totally idyllic I could almost hear a gurgling stream and singing birds in the background. You’re living this lovely relaxing life for us all. (As for the fruits and veggies from the market,….wow). Keep all the photos coming…!!!!

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  3. Oh Tricia, your new home looks absolutely lovely. And perfect for you and The Travel Sketcher. Blogger Neville appears to be settling in nicely, now that his parents have stopped disrupting his life and carting him onto those horrible things called airplanes. The grass road in your first photo… Wow, I want to walk down THAT! Congratulations on your new home!

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    1. Thank you Lisa, I’m so glad you enjoyed the posts. We miss family and friends, but are enjoying our time here. Yes, poor Nev, but he certainly is a trooper, and so adaptable! The grassy road is only a few step from our front door; we can take a walk there when you visit us, soon!

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