There is something about pathways that beckon and call to us to follow them, to discover what’s around the bend, or what lies ahead. As if they are saying; come follow me for a while, and you will be greatly rewarded. And the rewards are great. They are often located in quiet places that encourage... Continue Reading →

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

If you find yourself in Las Vegas and are feeling overwhelmed from the intensity, noise and flashy gaudiness of the city, head to Red Rock Canyon. Located in Nevada's Mojave Desert about 20 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip, this National Conservation Area is a beautiful and interesting place to explore. The Visitor's Center... Continue Reading →

Big Gulch Trail

A hike in a serene, forested area is a great way to recharge when the stress of life builds up. And it's an added bonus when the trail is in an urban area, preventing the need for a long drive to a distant trailhead. One such place is Big Gulch Trail, a hidden gem in... Continue Reading →

Ramble at Gold Creek Pond

I had intended to write more about San Diego this week, but life has a way of interrupting our plans and intentions, c'est la vie. Instead, I will post a short blog about a recent stroll we took around Gold Creek Pond, and next week I'll continue writing about San Diego. Gold Creek Pond is... Continue Reading →

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