Hoshi’s Haven – A Short Story

This is my third short story; I posted the first one, Truffle Tuesday, a few years ago, and the second one, Dog Sitting earlier this summer. I hope you enjoy this story. Reggie’s Grill is a classic, stylish establishment located in a quiet neighborhood just off Lake Washington Boulevard in the Leshi neighborhood of Seattle.... Continue Reading →

Dog Sitting, A Short Story

This is my second short story, I posted my first one, Truffle Tuesday, almost two years ago, you can find it here. Now that I’m retired I hope to write some more. Let me know what you think! Dog Sitting Abbey awakens from a deep slumber at 5:00 a.m. to the Morning Edition headlines on... Continue Reading →

Truffle Tuesday, A Short Story

It's difficult to keep a travel blog going at the moment, when travel is so restricted, so today I am doing something a little different and sharing a short story that I wrote. One of the dishes I mention in the story was inspired by a delicious entree I had at the Oyster Bar on... Continue Reading →

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