Châteaux Français

A few weeks ago I wrote about UK castles, so today I'll continue on that theme and write about castles in France. There are well over 1,000 castles in France in various conditions, from some that are still inhabited to others that are a pile of ruins. They are all interesting to visit and have... Continue Reading →

Loire Valley Sites

The beautiful Loire Valley of France is filled with many interesting sites including chateaux, troglodyte dwellings, wineries, charming villages, ruins and much more. We were in the Loire Valley just a few weeks ago, and thankfully arrived home just one day before the travel ban went into place. We started our adventure in the city... Continue Reading →

Rock Canyon Vineyards

A winery tour and tasting is always a great way to spend an afternoon. However, it's hard to top a tour and tasting shared with loved ones in a beautiful, rustic setting. Add to that some remarkable wines, rescued animals and a skinny-dipping three year old, and you have a perfect afternoon! That is exactly... Continue Reading →

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