Montmorillon, France

A few months before our scheduled move to France, we were at our nephew’s birthday party chatting with the mom of one of his friends when she asked us what was new. We had met her before at these events and always enjoyed chatting with her. We told her about my upcoming retirement and our... Continue Reading →

Pink, the Color of Spring

A few years ago I posted several blogs focusing on specific colors; blue, green, and red, are a few I focused on. However, I kept putting off sharing photos in pink since it’s not one of my favorite colors. However, spring makes me think of pink with the abundant beautiful cherry and magnolia blossoms found... Continue Reading →

Travel Quote

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home. James Michener Jogyesa Temple Chrysanthemum Festival, Seoul, South Korea

Les Jardin des Plantes, Paris

At this time last week, we had just arrived in Paris and were looking forward to spending a few days exploring this iconic city. Our first stop was Les Jardin des Plantes, and due to a heatwave, we got an early start. This 68 acre park reminds me of one of my favorite places, Balboa... Continue Reading →

Getting Settled in France

We arrived in France on Monday, March 14th, and have settled into our rustic, little cottage near Torchamp in Normandie. Torchamp is pretty much a wide spot in the road. We wanted to escape the hectic pace of the city to find some peace and quiet, and we have done just that. Here are a... Continue Reading →

Images in Orange

Today I will share some of my favorite photos in orange. I got the idea from Jess at I’ve Been Travelling Blog who has posted multiple blogs focusing on a specific color. Be sure to check out her site. When I think of orange, I think of autumn and the amazing colors that form as... Continue Reading →

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