Lake Quinault, WA

Lake Quinault located in the southern part of the Olympic National Park in northwestern Washington State makes for a peaceful and relaxing get away almost anytime of year. Located on the Olympic Peninsula, the current lodge was built in the 1920s by the same architect who built Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park. It…

Chuckanut Drive

Chuckanut Drive is a scenic stretch of road in Northwestern Washington State that runs from Bellingham to Bow. Before it was completed in 1896, boat or train were the only options to get south of Whatcom County. This scenic road was once part of the Pacific Highway that ran from Vancouver, BC to San Diego….

Deception Pass State Park

When I was a child my family had an annual picnic at Deception Pass State Park with the families of several of my father’s colleagues. We always met at Rosario Beach and occupied a large area with several picnic tables. We ate hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad (my mom’s was the best) and drank soda;…

Photos From Scotland

It has been a few years since I visited Scotland, and since travel is so restricted right now, it may be a while before I get back. Until then, I will enjoy my photos and memories of this ruggedly, beautiful country. Stone steps leading to Loch Ness. Crossroads. Loch Brora above. Below are the remains…

Big Gulch Trail

A hike in a serene, forested area is a great way to recharge when the stress of life builds up. And it’s an added bonus when the trail is in an urban area, preventing the need for a long drive to a distant trailhead. One such place is Big Gulch Trail, a hidden gem in…

A Walk in My Neighborhood

It’s hard to write a travel blog right now, when travel is restricted, but I have been enjoying walks in my neighborhood these days. Take a walk with me and I will show you some of my favorite places. I never tire of the view of Whidbey Island from the housing development across the street….

National Parks

In honor of National Parks Week, I am sharing some photos from the parks I have been to over the years. The National Park Service was established in 1916 and includes sixty one parks. These parks are national treasures and we need to preserve and protect them so they can be enjoyed by future generations….

A Holiday Weekend

I have a busy weekend planned with friends and family which includes a birthday celebration for my daughter; so I’m posting some random photos of past adventures. Sailboat on the Willamette River, OR. Brix Restaurant, Napa Valley, CA. In the Cotswolds, UK. Pretty swan in Brugge, Belgium. Horse back riding near Wallowa Lake OR. Flowers…


I am taking the day off from blogging so theTravelersketcher and I can celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. So I am posting just a few photos of reflections. Let me know what you think of these, I greatly appreciate your feedback. A bridge in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, in Hobart Australia is shown above….