National Parks

In honor of National Parks Week, I am sharing some photos from the parks I have been to over the years. The National Park Service was established in 1916 and includes sixty one parks. These parks are national treasures and we need to preserve and protect them so they can be enjoyed by future generations.... Continue Reading →

An Italian Inspired Recipe

Like most of us these days, I am unable to travel, so I have been looking back at photos from previous trips and enjoying the pleasant memories they bring back. A few years ago we visited Italy, we stayed at an agriturismo near San Gimignano, and then spent a few days in Florence. What little... Continue Reading →

Windmill of Moidrey

Not far from Mount-Saint-Michel, near the town of Pontorson in Normandy, France, is the Windmill of Moidrey. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was built in 1886, and is operational today. Wheat, buckwheat and rye flour are milled here and are available for purchase at the mill. Be sure to stop by on your way to... Continue Reading →

More Loire Valley Sites

We visited many villages in the Loire Valley last month, but two that stand out are Trôo and Lavardin. Trôo has a large collection of Trogolydyte dwellings; we also had a delicious lunch there. Lavardin is famous for some castle ruins, and in the 1100s, the inhabitants thwarted an attack by Richard the Lionheart. Lavardin... Continue Reading →

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