More Loire Valley Sites

We visited many villages in the Loire Valley last month, but two that stand out are Trôo and Lavardin. Trôo has a large collection of Trogolydyte dwellings; we also had a delicious lunch there. Lavardin is famous for some castle ruins, and in the 1100s, the inhabitants thwarted an attack by Richard the Lionheart.

Lavardin has the distinction of being one of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, this organization was founded in the 1980s to increase tourism in rural France. The castle ruins stand proudly on a hill and are an impressive site to see.

The village is a delightful place to stroll and take photos.

Trôo is another interesting village to visit. It is perched on a hillside with stunning views of the valley below. The Troglodyte dwellings have been modernized and are still occupied today.

When in Trôo, we had lunch at Auberge Sainte Catherine, a favorite with locals and tourists alike. The food and service are both very good.

In the parking lot across from the restaurant there is a Little Free Library in an old refrigerator; very creative!

I hope you enjoyed this short post about Trôo and Lavardin. As always, please leave a comment, I love hearing from my followers!

Wishing you grand adventures!


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