Lunch in London, Dinner in Paris

Have you noticed that when you use frequent flyer miles for airline tickets that the route to your final destination is never very direct? A few years ago when my husband and I were flying home from France, the airline sent us to Heathrow, then to Minneapolis, then to Salt Lake City, and then finally... Continue Reading →

Elk Rock Gardens

Elk Rock Gardens at the Bishop's Close, dates back to the late 1800s and is one of the oldest gardens in Oregon. Perched on the cliffs high above the Willamette River, this 13 acre garden is a lovely place to stroll and take photos. We visited a few years ago with our dear friends Tim... Continue Reading →

A Holiday Weekend

I have a busy weekend planned with friends and family which includes a birthday celebration for my daughter; so I'm posting some random photos of past adventures. Sailboat on the Willamette River, OR. Brix Restaurant, Napa Valley, CA. In the Cotswolds, UK. Pretty swan in Brugge, Belgium. Horse back riding near Wallowa Lake OR. Flowers... Continue Reading →

Roussillon, Provence, France

Roussillon is a beautiful gem of a village located in the Luberon area of Provence, in southwest France. The village is blanketed in the ubiquitous ocher, a natural pigment found in the area, and is one of the largest deposits of the mineral in the world. Ocher was mined here for many years, and is... Continue Reading →

Just Some Photos

I'm posting just a few photos today of past adventures. I took this while kayaking off San Juan Island, WA. The photo of the fox was also taken on San Juan Island. Near Melbourne, Australia, there is an amazing place called The William Rickets Sanctuary. The photo below was taken there. Above and below, Port... Continue Reading →

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