Just Some Photos

I’m posting just a few photos today of past adventures.

I took this while kayaking off San Juan Island, WA. The photo of the fox was also taken on San Juan Island.

Near Melbourne, Australia, there is an amazing place called The William Rickets Sanctuary. The photo below was taken there.

Above and below, Port Phillip Bay, Australia.

I spotted this pretty swan in Kensington Gardens, UK.

The view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

Near Joshua Tree National Park.

My daughter in Newberg, Oregon, the day after her college graduation.

After we passed through security at Incheon Airport, South Korea, I took the short video of a procession of some type. I took the photo above at the gate, as we were waiting to board our flight to Narita. Incheon is a very modern and interesting airport.

I took this photo at the bus stop a few mornings ago, as I was waiting for the bus to Seattle. The clouds matched my mood that morning, conflicted, turbulent and unsettled. As I approach retirement, I am filled with questions and some doubts. I am eagerly awaiting retirement, but with some trepidation. However, as I look back on the photos of my travels, I have no doubt that I am ready for more. I will cling to that in the moments of uncertainty.

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Wishing you grand adventures!


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  1. Great pictures Tricia. I was lucky enough while in Kuwait that I saw a desert fox out in the wild early one morning. They are very elusive and rare so I considered myself fortunate to catch a view of the little animal.


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