Roussillon, Provence, France

Roussillon is a beautiful gem of a village located in the Luberon area of Provence, in southwest France. The village is blanketed in the ubiquitous ocher, a natural pigment found in the area, and is one of the largest deposits of the mineral in the world. Ocher was mined here for many years, and is still widely used in paint, dyes and artwork. If you are familiar with Provence, you will probably recognize this iconic cliff.

The village is a tangle of narrow alleys, courtyards, stairways and inviting plazas where the locals and visitors congregate. Almost everything appears to have been painted from a palette of rusty ocher.

Be sure to visit the Conservatoire des Ocres to learn about the process of manufacturing and history of ocher.

If you are an artist, there are many shops that sell ocher pigment to use in your artwork.

Et bien sur, as with all the villages in Provence there are restaurants, shops, cafes and hotels to make your visit a comfortable one. Stop in at Cafe des Couleurs for a delicious, casual meal with a beautiful view.

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Wishing you grand adventures!


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