Another Milestone Birthday

My husband had a milestone birthday last week. Since we thought we would be living in France by now, I had planned on surprising him with a trip to the Loire Valley for a hot air balloon ride and wine tasting. But sadly, thanks to COVID, that didn't work out. (I have written about life... Continue Reading →

Just Some Photos

I'm posting just a few photos today of past adventures. I took this while kayaking off San Juan Island, WA. The photo of the fox was also taken on San Juan Island. Near Melbourne, Australia, there is an amazing place called The William Rickets Sanctuary. The photo below was taken there. Above and below, Port... Continue Reading →

Rock Canyon Vineyards

A winery tour and tasting is always a great way to spend an afternoon. However, it's hard to top a tour and tasting shared with loved ones in a beautiful, rustic setting. Add to that some remarkable wines, rescued animals and a skinny-dipping three year old, and you have a perfect afternoon! That is exactly... Continue Reading →

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