Another Milestone Birthday

My husband had a milestone birthday last week. Since we thought we would be living in France by now, I had planned on surprising him with a trip to the Loire Valley for a hot air balloon ride and wine tasting. But sadly, thanks to COVID, that didn’t work out. (I have written about life in the time of COVID and the difficulties associated with it, you’ll find that blog here). I couldn’t even have a party for him since large gatherings are not safe at the moment; however, family and friends provided some great surprises that made his birthday extra special.

First was a private wine tasting at one of our favorite restaurants, Cabernet and IPA, arranged by family in San Diego. Our tasting included many special touches with French wines and special appetizers. Special thanks to Terri, Nancy, Linda and Grant for arranging this for us, it was a great start to several days of birthday activities.

There were many other surprises including a Facetime call with our daughter, visiting with friends, lots of cards and gifts, a delicious rum cake, and a Zoom call with a special birthday song and dance put together by my sister and her family.

A special thanks to all of you who made this an extra special birthday for my husband, aka theTravelsketcher. Things don’t always turn out as planned, in fact sometimes they turn out better, as with this particular milestone birthday.

I have written about other milestone birthdays; here are the links.

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Stay safe and healthy,


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