San Diego, Continued

In the last few weeks I have blogged about our two visits to San Diego this year, and there is still more to tell; including our amazing Airbnb experiences and a visit to the waterfront area.

On our most recent visit we stayed at a delightful Airbnb studio located in the North Park neighborhood. Our host, Rick, is warm, welcoming and attentive to every detail. He responds quickly to questions and makes sure that everything is just right. The studio is perfectly comfortable, sparkling clean and has one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept on!

My husband, thetravelsketcher, painted the picture above of the front patio.

Restaurants and shops are within walking distance (figure two blocks to several miles). Rick left many snacks for us including some delicious fresh peaches, an inviting Sauvignon Blanc, and other tasty treats.

I highly recommend Rick’s bungalow, he is a delightful host and even gave us a ride to the airport!

In January we stayed at Waterhaven in the Hillcrest neighborhood which is also a private studio in a quiet neighborhood. Bruce and Grant are kind and generous hosts and welcomed us with wine, home-baked cookies and much more. Their backyard has a beautiful koi pond and many places to sit to enjoy the peaceful, serene setting.

We felt completely at home here and throughly enjoyed the gorgeous setting. This studio is also perfectly clean, quiet, comfortable and has many special touches. It was my birthday weekend when we visited and the hosts serenaded me at their grand piano with a lively rendition of Happy Birthday!

We keep in touch with Bruce and Grant and even had lunch with them on our last visit to San Diego. We will connect with Rick again on our next visit there. And that, right there, is what makes Airbnb so special. We have stayed at many Airbnb locations around the world and have had some amazing experiences. I can’t say that about any of the hotels we have stayed in! Check out my previous blog posts for more information about our many Airbnb experiences.

I should say that I am not connected with Airbnb in anyway whatsoever; I’m just a fan. We have had a few, hmm, not so great experiences with Airbnb. So to prevent that from happening to you, here ares a few tips to be sure you have also have a great experience:

1. Read the reviews; if there are none; think hard before booking.

2. Book in advance to get the best properties and locations.

3. Ask questions of your host, if they are slow in replying, think twice about booking.

Moving on; a walk along the waterfront will take you past the The Midway Museum. The USS Midway was active for 47 years, and has visited more ports than most of us will see in our lifetimes. This ship is HUGE and is a great place for kids and families to visit.

There are many other areas along the waterfront to visit including shops and restaurants.

The beautiful, cerulean skies of San Diego.

San Diego is a warm, welcoming, beautiful place to visit, with so much to offer. I have barely scratched the surface with my posts. Since my sister and family live there now, I may be spending more time there in the future. 🙂

As always, please leave a comment with your favorite activities in San Diego.

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