Photos of Mont-Saint-Michel, France

It was just about one year ago that theTravelersketcher and I visited Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, right before the travel ban went into effect. Because of the cold weather and fear of COVID, the village was mostly empty, a rare occurrence for this popular destination. You can read more about that visit here. This beautiful place took my breath away when I first saw it from a distance.

I hope to visit this amazing place again someday when we can travel again.

Stay safe and healthy,


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  1. Nancy Johnson says:

    That is beautiful! I really like the little stone building on the cliff. Were you able to walk down the path? I hope you get back there someday.

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    1. Thanks! Yes, we walked along that path. There’s a pretty little garden there with benches for prayer and meditation.


  2. What a grand day that was, I so miss it. I think I need to sketch something from there today.

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  3. elissbaker says:

    Wow. What a gorgeous place!

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    1. It is amazing! I hope we get to go there together someday.


  4. What a gorgeous place, inside and out! Love your pictures. Maggie

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