Travel Photos of the Loire Valley

The gorgeous Loire Valley of France is known for wine, cheese, amazing architecture, ubiquitous castles, troglodyte dwellings, charming villages, hot air balloon rides over the vineyards finished with a glass of champagne, what more could one want? It was one year ago that theTravelsketcker and I were there, so it seems appropriate to share some of my favorite photos from this lovely place with you today.

Château Royal de Blois is an interesting place to visit with its ornate, colorful architecture and views of the rooftops of Blois.

The city is an interesting place to stroll and they have a fantastic street market on the weekends.

Château d’Angers, pictured below is famous for its tapestries.

Et bien sur, there are so many other sites to see.

I hope this short post motivates you to visit the Loire Valley once it is safe to travel again. Until then, stay safe and healthy.


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