Destination France

Great news; Americans can once again travel to most European Union countries! As many of you may know by now, France is my favorite country in Europe. I love the people, the food, their long, leisurely lunches, the architecture, the quaint country villages, the markets and just about everything else this amazing country has to offer. Whenever I’m in Europe and my itinerary doesn’t include France, partway through my trip I find myself conjuring up ways to get there, as soon as possible. I have written over two dozen blog posts about this beautiful, friendly and welcoming country and hope to live there someday. Indeed, I am a Francophile.

In anticipation of visiting again (hopefully soon), I am sharing photos of some of my favorite places in France.

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris.
Flower shop on Île Saint-Louis, Paris.
Lyon as seen from Fourviére Hill.
The village of Gordes, Provence.
The view from Jardin Exotique d’Èze, Cote d’Azur.
Saint-Suliac, Brittany.
Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy.
Château Royal de Blois, Loire Valley.
The colorful, ornate interior of Château Royal de Blois.
Château de Chenonceau, Loire Valley.
Interesting building in Blois, Loire Valley.

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Bon voyage!


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  1. I have loved my multiple visits to France. i found the Parisians in particular to be very nice … as long as I was not the typical “ugly American” who becomes offended because they didn’t speak English !

    During our last trip, we took the train from Paris to Strasborg and then took a cruise on a small boat (only 125 people) up the Rhine past the many castles. That was a really fun trip.

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