Sintra, Portugal

Sintra, Portugal is a magically beautiful place nestled in the mountains not far from Lisbon. The forests, groves, grottos, astronomical observation towers, and much more, will make you feel like you have somehow found your way into a magical forest or fairytale.

Home to at least five palaces tucked in the hillsides, and on the top of the highest hill, this is a must see when visiting Lisbon.

We spent most of our time in the gardens at Quinta da Regaleira. This UNESCO World Heritage Site built in 1900, has something beautiful to see at every turn.

Initiation Well

We worked up an appetite with all that exploring, and since it was my birthday, we headed to Incomum for a delicious lunch. Run by Chef Luis Santos who trained with Chef Giles Dupont at the popular Lyon D’Or in Geneva, this restaurant will not disappoint. It was a perfect birthday lunch, made even more special by the delicious food, impeccable service, and attention to detail.

I apologize for the lack of details about Sintra; theTravelsketcher and I have been traveling for several weeks and we both came home with a bad case of the flu; needless to say, we’re both feeling a little battle weary. However, you’ll find additional information about Sintra here.

As always, I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Oh, now I regret not being able to pay a visit to Sintra! It really does look like a fairytale … no story really needed because as always, your photos tell their own lovely story! Hope you both get better soon (oh yes, and happy birthday, may it be a blessed year 🌻).

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  2. Oh wow, there are so many gorgeous pictures. I love the fountains, the mossy covered arches, and I really love the picture of the palace tower with an open doorway. It really makes me want to explore behind that door. Hope you feel better soon. Maggie

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  3. Sintra really does look like an enchanting fairytale land, no wonder you were so charmed by it. Sladja has been to Sintra, so was eagerly scanning your photos for bits she could recognise. The Initiation Well looks quite stunning, I like the perspective showing its different layers. So much greenery and gorgeous stonework on offer throughout, I definitely wouldn’t want to miss this if we ever make it to Lisbon. Belated birthday wishes to you Tricia and hope you are both back to full strength soon!

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  4. A lovely birthday treat Tricia 🙂 I loved Sintra when we visited and thought the National Palace and Moors Castle were the highlights. Thanks for sharing your trip with us and hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

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      1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures! They are awesome to say the least…and it was your birthday I believe?  So happy Birthday to you as well!


        Chris n Lori Burchfield 317-809-4161


  5. I’ve been to Sintra this summer but since I only had about an afternoon there, I could only visit the Pena Palace and its gardens, but even just that was absolutely magical! You are perfectly right when you say that it feels like you ended up in a fairytale! I hope you’ll feel better soon! Take care!

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