View From Above

I love being at the top of a hill, observation point, tower, or other structure, to see what lies below. The sprawling expanse, whether it is naturally occurring or constructed by humans, is usually quite beautiful. Here are some of my favorite views.

1. Australia – Port Phillip Bay, near Melbourne

2. Canada – Galiano Island, British Columbia

3. England – Roman Baths, Bath Spa

4. France



5. Gibraltar

6. Greece – Oia, Santorini

7. Italy

San Gimignano


8. Japan – Tokyo

A foggy day in Tokyo.

9. Portugal




10. South Korea – Seoul

11. USA – Death Valley, CA

That’s theTravelsketcher down there.

Which of these is your favorite? As always, I would love to hear from you, so please leave a message if you’re so inclined.

Wishing you grand adventures,


27 thoughts on “View From Above

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  1. What a clever and completely stunning set of photos. Love the perspective as it captures so much. What beautiful memories you’ve captured on your travels. I especially loved the photo of Australia near Melbourne and the picture of lovely Santorini (without the crowds!)

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  2. So many places you’ve been!

    I’m rather struck by your photo of Eze, with the castle in the foreground and gorgeous background, and the rooftops in Seoul.

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  3. Oh, it’s very hard to pick a favourite here Tricia! San Gimignano with the hot air balloon is beautiful, but the one from Eze won me over … maybe it’s because I like to walk on that beach to the cute little harbour! But as always, all your photos are beautiful!

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  4. I love getting to high view points and taking in the stunning view from above! Your pictures are also beautiful, I think the ones from South Korea are my favourite! The pictures from Lisbon and San Gimignano recall beautiful holiday memories too!

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  5. The theme of this post is wonderful! So clever. I love it. Your beautiful photos have taken me around the world, you super well traveled person, you. My favorite was going to be Eze, but then I saw Tokyo. Oh my. Stunning… so atmospheric. And I’m a girl who loves a big city. (But then there’s the kitty.)

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  6. I think the one in Lyon was taken from Notre-Dame de Fourvière. I remember the view from there. Thank you it brought back good memories from my trip to France.

    I like this topic. I have some pictures from elevated points too. Not as good as yours but will give it a try.

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  7. Like you, I love a good view! I’ve gone ways to hike a hill, climb hundreds of stairs, or simply take a cable car to capture the world from above. I’ve been to and seen the views you took of France, but I’m especially keen on capturing yours from Bath myself, as I plan to be going there very, very soon…thanks for sharing your favorites!

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