Dan’s Thursday Door Challenge

theTravelsketcher found this door challenge when browsing through posts on Jetpack, and thought I might be interested since I love taking photos of doors. So here’s my entry for today.

I love this gnarly old door in Avignon, France. The smaller door in the center reminds me of something from the Lord of the Rings movies, with sizes to accommodate all.

Here are the details if you’re interested in participating in the door challenge, https://nofacilities.com/thursday-doors-writing-challenge-2023/

Happy Thursday!


21 thoughts on “Dan’s Thursday Door Challenge

Add yours

  1. A magnificent door, Tricia. I like the gap at the bottom where, presumably, cats slink to and fro. One of these years, if I ever get on top of stories and location reports, I feel I should put out my own door compilation.


  2. It’s a special door just for Neville. Actually, Neville would be able to squirm his way UNDER the door. So… It’s a special door for a Great Dane. It’s Marmaduke’s door!

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