Head in the Clouds

As a child did you ever lie in the grass, look up at the clouds, and let your imagination run wild about the shapes? I remember seeing clouds shaped like animals, people, space ships, funny noses; anything at all. I still love looking at clouds. I think my favorites are cirrus clouds with their wispy, feathery, delicate tendrils that twist and ride the wind.

Crater Lake National Park, OR.

I’m certainly not an expert on cloud types and characteristics, but I can still appreciate their beauty. Here are a few of my favorites.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

There was rain and thunder with these clouds in Hovenweep National Monument, Utah.

Château de Chenonceau, France

Rabat, Morocco

St. Andre Cathédral, Bordeaux

Sunset in Greece. The more clouds you have in your sky, the more colorful sunset it will be. Sajal Sazzad

Pink sky at night is a sailor’s delight. Unknown

Mt. Rainier, aka Tahoma. The sky and the sun are always there. It’s the clouds that come and go. Rachel Joyce.

Messina, Italy

Sydney, Australia

Do you have a favorite? I think the clouds near Chenonceau and in Hovenweep are my favorites.

As always, I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a message.

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24 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds

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  1. The clouds of Mt. Rainier/Tahoma are UNREAL. How did you get so high off the ground there?? I personally like cirrus and cumulus clouds, especially against the backdrop of a crisp blue sky!

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  2. I love clouds too, I love lenticular the most I think. Of your pictures the dramatic ones above Château de Chenonceau are my favourite, and I think I may have said that when you had it in another post too😊 Maggie

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  3. What a stunningly beautiful and amazingly clever post. Again, going through your photos always makes feel like I’m flipping through an expensive coffee table book. And this posting is one of hope, too, as these days we need to remember to look up and enjoy all the beauty around us. Thank you, Tricia!

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  4. The theme for this post is wonderful, and the photographs are stunning. I agree with Shirley that they feel like a beautiful coffee table book. The inclusions of quotes about clouds is really nice. My favorite clouds are those over Rabat, Morocco, and my favorite quote is, “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

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  5. I did this a lot when I was a kid … and it was always amazing how quickly the appearance of the clouds changed. One moment it was a lion and a few seconds later it turned into a flower 😉. You have beautiful pictures of clouds Tricia – I like the one in Morocco and the sunset in Greece is magical.

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