Seven Things to do in Sydney, Australia

What do you think of when you imagine Sydney? The opera house may come to mind for some, Sydney Harbour Bridge might come to mind for others. You might also think of restaurants, pubs, street markets and some of the world’s most poisonous snakes and spiders. Thankfully, I did not see any snakes, but I did see some spiders!

Three days in Sydney does not do this amazing city justice, but that’s all we had so we made it work. Our first stop was the Royal Botanical Gardens. This 74 acre garden opened in 1816 and is the oldest botanical garden in Australia. It is divided into four sections all with an immense selection of plants, trees and statues. You will also find a restaurant, cafe, bookshop, visitor’s center, and, of course, spiders.

We worked up an appetite at the gardens so we headed to The Hero of Waterloo for lunch. This hotel and restaurant located on The Rocks has been in business for over 170 years. In addition to food and lodging, they offer live music and ghost tours. The hotel and restaurant have a rich history including a trap door in the bar floor where unsuspecting drunks were shanghaied. The ghosts are blamed for the faint, distant singing you may hear, and for rearranging the furniture.

The Rocks is an interesting and historical place to visit. It is where the first group of ships moored carrying convicts from England. Many Australians still joke that they are descendants of criminals.

The Sydney Opera House is possibly the most famous landmark in Sydney. Designed by Jorn Utzen, construction began in 1959 and was opened in 1973.

Sydney Harbour Bridge is another famous landmark. The bridge opened in 1932 and is often referred to as “The Coathanger.” Climbing tours are available for a steep price. 🙂

You will find buskers along the waterfront, and in other locations as well.

During our visit, we spent some time with a young woman who had lived with us as an exchange student some years earlier. The three of us visited Manly Beach and took a ride on a ferry to Parrametta where we had lunch.

In my blog posts, I often talk about the people we meet along the way. My husband and I are outgoing and enjoy meeting new people; Australia is a perfect place for that. I was absolutely amazed by the friendliness of the people there. From my experience, I found them to be the most friendly and helpful people I have met in my travels.

I’m not sure I will have the opportunity to go to Australia again, but I highly recommend visiting, you will not be disappointed.

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Happy travels!

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