View From Above

Paine Field in Everett, WA, opened for commercial flights earlier this year, and oh my, it is quite a swanky place to hang out before a flight! The passenger terminal is gorgeous and feels like you’re in a private airline lounge.

With fire places at both ends, fresh flowers, over stuffed couches, comfortable chairs, a bar, restaurant, who needs the airline lounges?

We flew from Paine Field to San Diego with my sister and family (pictured above) to attend our niece’s wedding. It was a good day for flying and I got some great photos of Western Washington State once we were in the air.

The view above is of the south end of Whidbey Island and the Harbour Pointe neighborhood of Mukilteo.

Looking down at Seattle, Lake Washington, Lake Union and much more from Alaska flight 2676.

The view of Bellevue, Seattle, Lake Washington, Puget Sound, both floating bridges and much more.

Mount Saint Helens and Spirit Lake.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog. I am on vacation and am taking some much needed time away from the hectic pace of life to spend time with family. Check back next week when I will write about San Diego.

Happy travels!


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