Day Trip to Akigawa Valley and Tomonaga Akimitsu Museum

During our visit to Japan, our friends treated us to a day trip to the Akigawa Valley. Located about one hour from Suidobashi Station, the valley can be reached by train or car. Cabins are available for rent for longer stays. This is a beautiful place to visit that offers many activities including hiking, hot springs and fishing, and if you’re lucky, you may see some macaques! As we were driving through a forested area, one passed right in front of our car. Sadly, I was unable to get a photo since it happened so quickly.

The area is a popular place to view the fall colors. The photo above is a close up of some moss on a fence post.

We also visited the Tomonaga Akimitsu Museum. This small, quaint and very creative museum is tucked away down many narrow, twisting roads in Akiruno City, Tokyo. The forest fairies, Zizi, guide the way.

You will enter through a beautiful garden filled with koi ponds and potted plants.

The museum is filled with the interesting and creative works of Tomonga Akimitsu.

The house is like something from a fairytale. The furniture, windows, doors, lamps and most everything in the museum was created by the artist. There is a cafe where you can have coffee, or tea. He invites you to free your senses and enjoy his art and garden. He displays the works of other artists as well.

If you visit Tokyo, I highly recommend visiting these two locations as a break from the intensity of the city.

Have you visited these areas? If so, please leave a comment with your thoughts.

Wishing you grand adventures,


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