Seoul Lantern Festival

If you find yourself in Seoul, South Korea in early November, hurry down to Cheonggyecheon Stream for the Seoul Lantern Festival. If you visit in the evening you will be rewarded with a spectacular site of creative and beautiful lanterns placed within the stream that runs through this area.

The Seoul Lantern Festival is now in it’s tenth year and is a popular activity for tourists and locals. There is a specific theme for each festival; this year it was Your Seoul, Light Through Dream and included characters from Korean stories and folktales, and fairytales from other countries as well.

The design, extensive detail and quality of the craftsmanship of each lantern is truly amazing.

We arrived while it was still light so my husband, theTravelsketcher, could get some sketching time in before sundown.

Our niece, and her husband suggested this outing. The lanterns were a hit with their little one.

Seoul is cold in November so be sure to bundle up. Admission is free and there is a cafe set up under one of the bridges where you can get snacks and a warm drink.

I hope you have enjoyed this short blog post. Have you been to the Seoul Lantern Festival? If so, please leave a comment.

Wishing you grand adventures,


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