Whidbey Island, WA

Whidbey Island, located in Puget Sound about 30 miles north of Seattle is the largest island in Washington State. It was named for Joseph Whidbey, one of the explorers on Captain George Vancouver’s team who, along with Peter Puget, mapped the island in the late 1700s. It is home to several state parks, including my favorite, Deception Pass located on the far north end of the island. In addition, you will find charming villages, cafes, galleries, vineyards, distilleries, whale watching and a wide variety of outdoor activities. I see the south end of the island whenever I take a walk in my neighborhood, and I never tire of this view.

I have enjoyed visiting the island many times over the years, in fact, the Travelsketcher and I visited just a few weeks ago. My sister and her family were staying at a beach front vacation home and invited us to spend an afternoon with them. We had a very nice, socially distanced visit. We spent time on the beach, wandered through a beach front community, and kicked a soccer ball around. My little nephew is quite the talented soccer player!

There are many B&Bs, hotels and inns on the island. The Captain Whidbey Inn nestled in the trees, along the shore of Puget Sound, is a quaint and lovely place to stay. Built in 1907, the rooms, restaurant and entire facility retain its original charm.

As usual, I enjoy just wandering and taking photos.

You may even spot a whale!

After our visit, as we were heading back to the ferry dock, we passed this door in an open field.

We had all sorts of funny ideas about what it could be; a portal to another dimension, the door to Narnia? Who knows, but we got a chuckle out of the creativity.

There are several ways to get to Whidbey Island including driving to Deception Pass State Park (80 miles north of Seattle) where there is a bridge to the island. But the quickest way is to drive north on I-5 to Mukilteo (about 25 miles north of Seattle) and take the ferry to Clinton. The crossing is quick, approximately 15 minutes.

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