International Mountain Day

Today, December 11, is International Mountain Day, a day set aside to celebrate and recognize the dynamic ecosystems and importance of mountains. Global warming impacts mountains by melting glaciers, killing off plants, trees, animals and damaging the habitats of the people who live there. By increasing awareness and through conservation, hopefully we can preserve these beauties. So in honor of this important day, I am sharing some photos of mountains. The first one is a favorite of mine; it is of theTravelsketcher at Heather Lake in Washington State with the beautiful Mt. Pilchuck in the background.

Mt. Rainier, also in Washington State.

The two photos below were taken in Denali National Park on a warm, clear day in September a few years ago, a rare occurrence for this area.

The photos below were taken in Oregon and California.

At Crater Lake National Park we hiked to a fire watch tower and were rewarded with a beautiful view of Mt. Shasta.

Et bien sur, no blog of mine is complete without including a photo from France. The village of Gordes is nestled in the Vaucluse Mountains in Provence.

Be a considerate guest when hiking, skiing and enjoying other activities on mountains. A few tips are to haul out what you take in, stay on designated paths, don’t get too close to wildlife and be cautious with fire. Hopefully, by being respectful visitors, mountains will be well preserved for future generations to enjoy.

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