The Redwoods, Mighty, Majestic Trees

Sequoia sempervirens, also known as costal redwood and California redwood, are the tallest and largest trees on the planet. They once covered over 2 million acres in Northern California. Sadly, due to over-logging in the mid 1800s to early 1900s, they now cover only 131,983 acres. In 1918, the Save the Redwoods League was formed in order to preserve these beautiful giants.

I first visited Redwood National and State Parks as a child, and was awed by the trees. I visited again a few years ago, and found that childish amazement returning as I wandered down a path surrounded by these massive giants.

My brother Kirk and I, along with Babe in the late 1960s.

Located in Humboldt and Del Norte counties in Northern California, these parks draw thousands of visitors each year. The parks offer a variety of activities including hiking, backcountry camping, scenic drives and water soprts. If you have read any of my blog posts, you know that theTravelsketcher and I love hiking, and that is what drew us to the park, along with the beauty of area.

Lady Bird Johnson Grove is a one mile loop trail through old growth forest.
There are many other hikes in the parks, and trees that beckon to be climbed.
I call this one “old man and the tree.” 🙂
We stayed at the Bishop Pine Lodge and Cabins not far from Trinidad.
After a day of hiking, we enjoyed a delicious meal at the Larrupin Cafe.
Trinidad is costal community with much to offer.

As I am writing this, a wildfire is moving closer to General Sherman, the world’s largest tree located in Sequoia National Park. Firefighters have wrapped the tree in a fire-resistant blanket to protect it from the blaze. Let’s hope their efforts save this treasure.

General Sherman, as sketched by theTravelsketcher

The Save the Redwoods League is still active today, over 100 years later! Hopefully, their work will continue to protect these grand lords and ladies of the forest, for many years to come.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Terri and I spent two days in the Redwoods on our drive to San Diego. They really are awe inspiring. I love Terry’s sketch of General Sherman!

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