Antiques, Ruins and Old Stuff

It has been an intense week with closing on our condo, sorting, packing, and getting ready to move to France. Whew! I’m glad that part of the move is over! I forgot how hard moving can be. Anyway, as a result I haven’t had a chance to prepare a blog post, so I’ll share some photos of antiques, old stuff and what my dear friend, Lisa, calls “exquisite decay”. I love taking photos of old barns, buildings, doors, vehicles, just about anything that catches my eye. Here are a few of my favorites.

Mission San Jose, San Antonio, TX
The remains of the Peter Iredale, Fort Stevens State Park, OR.
Crichton Castle, Scotland
Old dock near Melbourne, Australia
Near Chuckanut Drive, WA
Capitol Reef National Park, UT

Of course, no photo collection of mine would be complete without some photos from France. 😊

Windmill of Moidrey, Normandie, France
Ruins in the Loire Valley, France

I hope you enjoyed this short post and photo collection. I’m hoping that life will settle down a bit soon, so I can work on a proper blog post for next week.

Stay safe and healthy,


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  1. Chuckanut Drive… Beautiful. Exquisite decay… A fully bloomed rose with withered petals falling onto the table top is as gorgeous is a bud. (I say this trying to accept my wrinkles and expanded waistline.)

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