Château de Valmer, Loire Valley

The Loire Valley has over 300 châteaux including some that are in excellent condition and still inhabited, to those that are ruins, but they are all interesting places to visit. The structures range in size and function; some were built as fortified fortresses, others were used as hunting lodges, and still more were built as posh vacation homes. Some of the most popular (and most crowded) include Chateau Royal d’Ambois, Chenonceau, Château D’Angers, and Chambord. It is possible to find some that are less crowded and equally enticing, if you’re like me, and want to avoid the crowds.

Chateau Royal d’Ambois

Château de Chenonceau

Château d’Angers

Chateau de Valmer is one such place; not too crowded and a little off the beaten path. The château was destroyed in a fire in the late 1940s, but the gardens are absolutely beautiful. It is a working vineyard and we enjoyed visiting the grounds, gardens and then a wine tasting.

When we first arrived, I thought this was the château, silly me, that’s just the caretaker’s home.

There is a small chapel on the property that is located in a troglodyte cave.

During our wine tasting, the very delightful hostess told us the story of how the chateau burnt to the the ground in 1948. As the story goes, electricity at that time was available only for a few hours each day. The laundry maid, wanting to be efficient, left the iron plugged in so it was ready to use when the electricity came on. On a day when she was running errands, she missed the bus, and couldn’t get back in time to tend to the iron, resulting in the fire. Thankfully, no one was injured, although the grand dame of the château refused to leave since she was not properly dressed, and had to be carried out. The château was never rebuilt, but a hedge stands in the original location.

The wine tasting was delicious with whites, bubbles and a rosé.

I highly recommend a visit to Château de Valmer, we thoroughly enjoyed our time here. In addition, there’s no admission fee to visit the grounds, and the wine tasting is free.

The lovely city of Blois is conveniently situated to many of the châteaux in the area and offers a wide variety of accommodations, restaurants, shops and a huge street market on Saturdays. Valmer is located about 30 minutes from Blois.

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22 thoughts on “Château de Valmer, Loire Valley

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  1. We LOVE this area, and your absolutely beautiful photos and text made us feel like we were actually there in person once again. (Only thing missing was being able to shop…!) Keep enjoying your super grand adventure every day!. Shirley

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  2. What a shame that a simple misconduct burnt a centuries-old château to the ground…but the ruins and gardens remain stunning! Never heard of château de Valmer, but I hope to return to the Loire Valley to check it out, along with more of the lesser-known châteaux out there!

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  3. What a castle! And yeah, the caretaker’s joint isn’t too shabby either. It’s a pity about the fire, so many historic places have been lost that way. But still you were left with an atmospheric site. Love the shot of the cheeky lion sculpture.

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  4. Each château has its own charm and I’m especially blown away by the beautiful gardens! The purple lavender on the edges of the gardens just make it so stunning. And wine tasting at one of these stunning locations … wow, it must be a special treat!

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  5. Your photos of the Chateau de Valmer are beautiful — you captured it perfectly. I want to go back, wander the gardens, and drink more wine. (And buy a bottle of every varietal they make, just like last time!)

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