Adventures in 2022

Thanks to my retirement in early January, theTravelsketcher and I have enjoyed a year chockablock with travel! After 35 years working as a project manager in medical research, plus additional time prior to that working as a nutritional counselor, I was ready to retire. We achieved our retirement dream of moving to France to enjoy life in our favorite country, and to more easily travel throughout Europe; a dream come true!


Before moving to France however, we took a trip to Sonoma County, CA. We had to go to San Francisco to apply for our French visas, so we included a few days in Sonoma while in the area. Sonoma is not only stunningly beautiful, but also has great food and wine. Not long after our appointment, we were crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on our way to Healdsburg; you can read about that here.

In March, not long after arriving in France, we took a trip to L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in Provence to meet up with dear friends, Shirley and Jim. This lovely market town situated on the Sorgue River is an inviting place to spend a few relaxing days, particularly if you’re into shopping. You can read about our time there, along with a few other stops, in this post – A Week In Photos.

In May, other dear friends, Tim and Lisa, arrived from the US and the four of us enjoyed visiting sites in Normandie, the Loire Valley, and Brittany. Tim had a particular interest in seeing Les Alignments in Carnac. I had never even heard of them, but am so glad we visited. Apparently, they are older than Stonehenge and much more numerous as well. There are close to 3,000 stones covering several miles.

Check out these posts for more about our time with Tim and Lisa:

Out and About in Normandie (Part Two) and the Loire Valley

Carnac Stones, Brittany, France

Château de Valmer, Loire Valley

In July we visited Bayeau and the D-Day Beaches. Since both our uncles were here on D-Day, and our fathers served in WWII, it was particularly poignant for us to visit. I was touched to see that people still leave flowers at the base of this monument.

In August we took a trip to Paris to celebrate theTravelsketcher’s birthday, and enjoyed many of its delights including Les Jardin des Plantes and Musée d’Orsay.

In September we visited Le Mont Saint Michel and spent the night in the village. I never get tired of seeing this amazing place.

We took multiple trips in October, November, and December. We visited Spain twice, along with Italy, Greece, and Malta. Seeing the Acropolis in Athens was an absolute highlight for me, as well as spending five days in Rome.

Athens Acropolis

It was a fun filled year of travel and we’re looking forward to 2023 when many family and friends will be visiting us here in France. First to visit in just six weeks (not that I’m counting the days or minutes), is our daughter, Alexis, and son-in-law, Joe; we can’t wait to see them in person!!! Alexis will get to spend her birthday in Paris. Other family and friends will also be visiting throughout the year. In addition, we have an ambitious travel agenda including Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Croatia, Scotland, USA, and possibly Norway, and Holland; whew!

I hope you have a Happy New Year and that 2023 brings you much happiness and some grand adventures too.


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  1. Hands down, you win the prize for most luscious adventures and best photo album of 2022! Thank you, Tricia, sharing your travels with such devotion. Living vicariously through you has been delightful, and it would also be envy inducing if I didn’t have a friend in France to visit — YOU! Wishing you many happy travels in 2023, dear friend. (Which I know you will have.)

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  2. What a wonderful year of travel that you have shared with us! Your pictures so beautifully capture the places you’ve seen and the adventures you’ve had. Can’t wait to see where the new year takes you! Happiest of new years to you and your husband 🙂

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  3. The grand adventure continues—-with memories and photos and sketches galore. Happy New Year. What wonderful travels will next year bring….?! Exciting!

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  4. What a year Tricia. I enjoyed this recap and taking a second look at some of the travels you’ve shared throughout the year. So much vibrancy in these collected photos, I wanted to reach out and grab that delicious looking jam-filled biscuit. Your plans for 2023 look mouth watering. Happy New Year to you, Terry and your extended family!

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  5. What a year you’ve had Tricia, and I’ve absolutely loved following along on all of your adventures. Hopefully one day we’ll be close by in Europe and can meet up for a glass of wine 🙂 here’s to lots more adventuring in 2023.


  6. 2022 was indeed a great year for the two of you … moving to France must have been both a challenge and a dream come true! You have already visited so many lovely places since arriving in France and we’re looking forward seeing many more through your lens! We wish you the very best for 2023 🎉.

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  7. Hello Tricia and Terry! I’m sooooo happy to see these posts and learn you are now living in France! How very very exciting. Email me when you get a chance because I’d love to hear more about what you two have been up to. Big hugs!

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