Amusing Signs

I love taking photos of signs that I find amusing or creative. I first posted a blog with some funny signs 18 months ago (you can find that post here), and have found even more signs in my travels since then. Some of these are translational mishaps, others are just fun and creative and will hopefully, make you smile.

Entrance to Bravas Tapas Bar, Healdsburg, CA

This one could be considered a little crude, so I apologize in advance if you find it offensive.

What?? How dare they prohibit ice cream!

I love the one below. When we told our neighbor we were selling our condo and moving to France, he found a photo of theTravelsketcher, and left this sign in the window by our front door early one morning.

Cabernets and IPAs, Mukilteo, WA

Outside a clothing store in Calistoga, CA

Here are a few translation mishaps. Mastering a language, and then communicating effectively in the new language is very difficult, I have experienced that first hand in the past three months living in France; so I am certainly not poking fun at any one culture or translator. Again, these just made me smile.

Coffee stand in Seoul, South Korea

Restaurant in Brugge, Belgium

I hope this post made you smile!

Wishing you grand adventures,


18 thoughts on “Amusing Signs

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  1. I love the quirky signs wherever I go. Granted, many of the good ones are from bars (and related to drunk humor), but they still give me a laugh! Also, the handwritten designs are envious to any non-artist out there!

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  2. This is a post that I really appreciate as, having lived in China for four years, I consider myself something of an amusing sign connoisseur. I remember one time going into a hotel where a sign at reception said ‘Leave Your Values on the Desk’. Clearly though your collation of signs are intentionally amusing, I particularly liked the ‘Wanted’ poster. Thanks for brining me a few chuckles.

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  3. I love the signs, especially the ones about wine, however the wanted poster about Terry was great! We have a sign heading west on the 8 that just says Beaches!

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