Château de Fougères

The current standing Château de Fougères, located in the town of Fougères next to the Nançon River, was built during the late 1100s as a stronghold at the intersection of well traveled trade routes. (The original castle, built of wood rather then stone, was burned by Henry II, King of England, and later rebuilt). Located right on the border of Normandy and Bretange, it’s primary purpose was to protect Bretange from the ambitious English who controlled Normandie, and the French to the east, all who wanted to expand their territories.

The castle was built with three courtyards to slow the progression of raiders; circular towers, to allow for better viewing access of the area; a moat, drawbridge, and ramparts. It was strengthened and improved over five centuries due to the many battles it endured. It is amazingly well preserved, and draws thousands visitors each year.

Moat and circular tower

Ramparts and towers

theTravelsketcher sketching in the rain

The cat in the photo below seemed to be on patrol, keeping an eye out for potential problems. She was quite intent on her mission, and completely ignored me when I called to her.

The castle gardens are lovely, and have a nice variety of plants.

The views of the surrounding area from the ramparts are quite impressive.

Since 1985, Fougères has had the distinction of being Ville d’Art et d’Histoire, and is a pretty place to wander and take photos.

There is a small admission fee to the château which includes a self-guided tour.

We both enjoyed touring the château and strolling through the village, and would eagerly return if the opportunity arises.

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  1. Wow, that is indeed an impressive château – I can imagine how many pictures one can take here (or sketch … that’s, if you can like theTravelsketcher 😉). Even the village looks lovely – I would definitely enjoy a visit like this one.

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  2. Ugh, this is making me long to return to France so badly. Fortunately, I expect to do so either next summer or the summer after! I think that cat was probably mad that you noticed him, blending in like he was with the castle stone. Great camouflage, or should I say, catmouflage.

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  3. Stunning! I feel as though I visited this lovely place with you. And I don’t even have to buy postcards because I have your lovely photos. How fortunate you and the Travel Sketcher are to be able to find and explore these lovely spots!

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  4. Château de Fougères rings a bell, but I’ve never gone while in that part of France. Certainly a well-preserved fortification, with each step on it rich in history! Glad you’re enjoying your exploration of France so far. 🙂

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  5. Your wonderful photos make me want to return to Fougeres, and not just for lunch! But to tour the chateau. The patrol kitty was difficult to spot. She is either part chameleon or was wearing her designer kitty camo.

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