Happy Holidays!

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is coming to an end and the holidays are upon us once again. Since snow and Christmas seem to go hand in hand (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), I’m sharing photos today of snow and Christmases past.

Sunriver, OR

We’ve enjoyed many snowy Christmases in the PNW over the years, and it looks like this year won’t disappoint, at least for those who like snow. The photo below was taken by a dear friend in Mukilteo, WA just a few days ago.

Photo curtesy of Jim Riley

Snowfall rouses your inner child to dream and play once more. Angie Weiland-Crosby.

One of the more beautiful Christmas trees I’ve ever seen, decorated by Shirley and Jim Riley.

Nature is full of genius, full of divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand. Henry David Thoreau

Christmas in Mukilteo a few years ago.

Christmas in Mukilteo, sketch courtesy of theTravelsketcher

It looks like we’ll have a rainy Christmas here in Normandie, but we did have a dusting of snow a few weeks ago.

Whatever winter holiday you celebrate, I hope it is filled with love, joy, peace, good health, and lots of love.

Happy Holidays!


29 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

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  1. As the actors sing in White Christmas while on the train to Vermont, “Snow, Snow, Snow”. You have missed a lot of snow in Mukilteo whilst living in France (at least this year). Great pictures and you two are quite the entertainers as your lavish dishes and tables settings show.

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  2. Have a blessed Christmas, Tricia and Terry!

    We are locked in this morning with freezing rain on top of snow, but it should thaw by tonight. Thankfully I stocked up yesterday, having the family over tomorrow eve.

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  3. Merry Christmas, Tricia! I’ve always been a sucker for Christmas and Yuletide nostalgia, so very much enjoyed these shots of yesteryear and the quotes you’ve chosen. Sprinklings of Neville add to the overall cosiness, and love the socks. As digital nomads often away from home, as we are this year, we often have to make do decoration-wise. But we do have a little tree and some lights, while last week we picked up a few pairs of thick Christmas socks not dissimilar to the ones in your photo. Stay safe and warm.

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  4. I’ve always been one to wish for a white christmas! It just doesn’t quite feel like Christmas without the snow covered ground. Tennessee doesn’t get a lot of snow so we were really excited to drive to Missouri where they had inches of snow for us to play in. Beautiful pictures for the time of year. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas 🙂

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  5. It’s wonderful to see so many lovely snow photos in December! For us, this time of year is marked by lots of sunshine and beaches! Today, on New Year’s day, we’re having a wonderful 30 degrees Celsius day – perfect to make lunch outside on the fire and then to take a stroll along the lake to cool down! Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos!

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