Saint-Suliac, Brittany, France

Saint-Suliac, located in Brittany, is one of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, an official designation given to approximately 100 villages in France in order to promote tourism in small towns. This charming hamlet located along the Rance River is named for a Welsh Monk who lived here in the 6th century, and is well worth a visit.

The narrow, winding streets and brightly colored shutters add charm to this already quaint village.

There are many hiking trails in the area, and one in particular leads to the Grainfollet Oratory. Years ago, village fishermen would sail to Newfoundland to go cod fishing, leaving in March and returning in November. In the mid 1800s, more than 100 fishermen never returned. In the late 1880s, La Clemence carrying a number of fishermen from the village, was lost at sea. The lost lives prompted the villagers to promise to build a monument dedicated to the Virgin Mary if all the fishermen returned safely the next season. They kept their promise when all returned home the next year, and in 1893 the Grainfollet Oratory was built.

Grainfollet Oratory in the distance

You’ll work up an appetite with all that exploring and hiking, so head to Le Bistro de la Greve for a delicious lunch.

This local gem has incredibly friendly staff and creative, beautifully presented dishes.

I highly recommend a visit to Saint-Suliac, but visit on a warm day. We first visited a few years ago in March, and the wind was icy and ferocious! We visited again last week on a warm day, and our visit was much more enjoyable.

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  1. Oh yes, I like this village – except for the lovely shutters, I find the colourful flowers in the windows to be just so beautiful! My favourite picture is definitely the view over the town (with the church on the right) and the green fields and stunning clouds … that’s picture perfect! As for your food, it looks so beautifully presented (a real feast for the eye) 😀.

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  2. Love those old stone buildings. Sad story about the fishermen lost at sea on their way to Newfoundland. There are parts of the province that retain their French heritage from these fishermen. Maggie

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  3. You got to visit on an exceptionally sunny day– in Bretagne, of all places! I’ve not heard of Saint-Suliac, but I have a burning desire to visit as many plus beaux villages de France as I can, as I’ve perhaps visited barely half a dozen so far. One of these days, I’ll have to return!

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  4. These photographs are beautiful. You have such a wonderful way of making small elements of life (a bicycle leaning against a shrub, a small cafe table set against a rose covered wall) look not only alluring but significant.

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