Macro Photography

I learned a few things this past weekend about macro photography from my niece, Terri, who is a professional, and an absolutely amazing photographer. Check out her site here. Once the weather improves, I hope to get outside and practice some of the tips she shared with me. In the meantime, I’ll share a few of my attempts with macro photography in this short blog post.

The one above is one of my favorites. It’s a close up of some moss on a fence post in Akigawa Valley, Japan.

I throughly enjoy photography and hope to improve my skills after I retire. If you enjoyed this short post, check out these as well.

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As always, I appreciate hearing from you and enjoy reading your comments and suggestions.

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  1. I love how the images pop out

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  2. Nancy Johnson says:

    Great, I especially like the snail!

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    1. Thanks! We have a lot of them in our neighborhood; we find them on our deck, in the garage, just about everywhere.


  3. Look very professional…


  4. David & Rosanne Buehler says:

    I love macro photography as well. Today’s cameras really help make it nice and easy.


    1. Thanks Dave! I do too; and I agree that the new cameras make it super simple.


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